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19 June 2016 @ 09:34 pm
[ONESHOT] I Wouldn't Lose You Too  
Title: I Wouldn't Lose You Too
Author: blaqkyouya /kyouya-sama
Length: Oneshot
Pairing: Soukoku (Dazai Osamu-Nakahara Chuuya)
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Angst, Dark, Drama
Summary: In the final battle, Dazai miscalculated...

I Wouldn’t Lose You Too

People said you never really realized how important something was until you lost it. That was exactly what Dazai had experience. Deep down, he knew he wasn’t a good person and he probably didn’t deserve happiness. Yet, once, his precious friend spoke he could redempt himself and that gave him hope that maybe he could have a bit of happiness. But he was so wrong.

“Oi…Dazai…” Chuuya’s voice woke him up from his thought,” Stop making…stupid face…it’s not like you…”

“Chuuya…” Dazai didn’t know what to say, all he could do was holding Chuuya’s bleeding body. He was too late; he was fucking too late to stop corruption despite how much Chuuya trusted him. He would lose someone dear to him again , just like he lost Odasaku.

“I’m sorry…” Dazai mumbled it softly but it was loud enough for Chuuya. Their enemies were all eliminated. No one was left alive except both of them. The ground was basked with blood and so much destruction, evidence how destructive Chuuya’s power, to everything, even to himself.

“Don’t apologize---damn it…” Chuuya cursed as he closed his eyes,” It damn hurts…Dazai…”

“I know,” Dazai spoke as he held Chuuya tighter. Everything went like he had planned, he and Chuuya had brought enough time for Atsushi and Akutagawa to defeat the real evil. Yet, Chuuya’s dying was not in Dazai’s list of plan. This was not expected and Dazai knew this should not happen; if only he wasn’t too late to stop Chuuya.

“Look at me---“ Chuuya spoke barely a whisper,” Damn it, Dazai---“

“I’m looking at you…” Dazai wanted to speak but he couldn’t. He could see light on Chuuya’s eyes began to dim and he could do nothing about it. He would lose Chuuya.

“No…” Dazai spoke to himself and before he realized it, he searched for anyway to save Chuuya. It shouldn’t be too late, anything would do. Dazai had enough losing everyone around him. That’s why he joined the Armed Detective Agency, so he could save people.

That’s when Dazai got his answer. He could save Chuuya, but he had to risk his life for it.

“Hold on, Chuuya, don’t you dare to die before killing me,” Dazai spoke in confidence voice and it was enough to gather what left of Chuuya’s consciousness. Dazai held Chuuya behind his back as he rushed toward an edge of the building they’re in.

Chuuya swore he thought Dazai was about to commit double suicide with him. At least, before he felt the broken glass Dazai went through and the ground they hit. It was fucking third floor and Chuuya would beat Dazai’s ass if only he was not dying. He couldn’t even feel his surrounding when he tried to move. Okay, maybe Dazai really chose Chuuya as his suicide buddy.

“Da---Dazai! Are you crazy jumping out like that?!” Chuuya could hear a woman’s voice.

“Yosano-sensei…” vaguely Chuuya’s heard Dazai’s voice; it was almost he was in pain,” Save him…please…”

Chuuya couldn’t really see anything anymore. For a second he couldn’t even hear anymore. He thought he finally kicked the bucket. But he was so wrong when he felt his body was like thrown apart; it was almost he was man-chopped into two. Yet, the second later, he was fine.

No, he was good as new and it was almost he never used corruption before. Looking around his surrounding, he discovered he was on the ground and there’re two Armed Detective Agency members next to him. One of them was the superhuman kid and the other one was the woman doctor; both he faced them before.

“Damn it, Dazai, don’t move…”

It took Chuuya another second to realize Dazai was on the ground. The woman doctor was holding Dazai’s legs which were covered in blood. Then, Chuuya realized that the wound was from jumping down the building.

“You idiot!” Chuuya cursed as he rushed next to his former partner. He even forgot his confusion as how he could be as good as new. All he could think for was the bleeding Dazai in front of him.

“Good…the plan worked out…” Dazai laughed like a kid won his first lottery; despite his bleeding.

“I didn’t come here to save one of your mafia buddy and let you kill yourself,” the doctor complained as she did her best to wrap Dazai’s wound,” You know I can’t use my power on you.”

“I broke---my legs…Probably and some ribs, I’ll live---“ Dazai tried to smile between his pain. Chuuya swore he would kick Dazai’s ass if only he wasn’t dying. It was now clear as day to Chuuya that Dazai jumped out from the building to save him. That manipulative mastermind had to know the doctor was nearby. It didn’t make Chuuya happy at all.

“Ahhh! More enemy are coming!” the superhuman kid pointed to opposite direction.

“Ck, patch that bandage good-for-nothing man and leave the enemy to me,” Chuuya spoke. He knew the enemy would perish as they’re only lowly underhand. He even shouldn’t use his power. He just needed to buy sometime for his ex-partner.

“Chuuya! I didn’t know you’re so eager to work with the Armed Detective Agency, maybe you should leave the mafia and join us?” Dazai spoke with his lightened up eyes.

“Just fucking survive and I’ll kill you later,” Chuuya spoke before he stormed out to the enemy with the superhuman kid. Soon, the enemy began to fly around the air and their defeat was not even funny.

“Fufufufu---Ouch, Yosino-sensei…” Dazai protested when the doctor pulled his bandaged legs too tight. So Dazai just smiled and enjoyed the blue sky as he was treated, all according to his plan so far. Or at least he would pretend so no one panicked.