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24 June 2016 @ 10:22 pm
[ONESHOT] Second Chance (0)  
Title: Second Chance
Author: blaqkyouya /kyouya-sama
Length: Oneshot
Pairing: Odai (Dazai Osamu-Oda Sakunosuke)
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Angst, Dark, Drama
Summary: Dazai required the book to bring back Odasaku in the end

Second Chance

When I opened my eyes, there was blue sky and the clouds. I was in some kind of box or container and I couldn’t really see what surrounded me. I tried to move but my body was as stiff as rock, still I wasn’t giving up. I literally pushed up with all my power and eventually got out from the container surrounded me. Then I saw ocean; it was like it had been so long until I breathe fresh air.

“It…worked…” came a voice I knew so well. Shifting my gaze, I saw him. Yet, he had changed, not as in my memory. He wasn’t wearing as many layers of bandages as I remembered and there was something else in his eyes. It was almost like a tiny lamp inside a dark ocean; it resembled hope and light. Something I never expected to see on Dazai Osamu’s eyes.

“Daza---“ I choked on my own voice as I finally realized how dry my throat was. Half of my body was still inside the container---no, it was buried underground---wait, what---I turned around and saw a small gravestone without any name and then everything went back to me.

I was shot on the chest and I died. Dazai was next to me in my final moment.

Wait, this didn’t make sense. Was this afterlife? Before I could find an answer I felt myself being pulled out from the container-which tuned out to me my coffin. I wanted answer but before I could speak, I feel someone circled his arms around my waist and something wet fell on my cheek.

As I looked up, I saw tears flew down on Dazai’s cheek.

“It really worked out. I got you back, Odasaku,” he spoke with a soft cry, almost like a child,” It’s okay…I know everything is confusing, but you’re okay. I won’t let anyone hurt you ever again…”

“…” I stayed still because I didn’t know what to do. All I knew was Dazai just brought me back from the dead. I didn’t know how but he did. I was once free from this condemned world but he brought me back. I couldn’t really blame him, after all the one who left by the dead was the one suffered.

“Let’s go home, Odasaku,” he wiped his tears as he helped me got up. I wanted to ask him tons of questions but my throat wasn’t being cooperative. He seemed to notice it as he smiled and pulled my hand, leading the way.

“…Where---“ I managed to say just one word.

“My rundown-lodging provided by the Agency, we will be save there, not even the mafia or the government can touch us,” he spoke as I was wondering what agency he was talking about. Everything was too confusing but I knew I could only follow Dazai for now.

As we walked, I stepped on a book on ground. I was a small old book and I was about to take it but Dazai didn’t let me. He said, the book was useless now. Then strong wind blew the book away over the cliff we were on. Little I knew that time the book was the one who brought me back and I had no idea what kind of second life waited for me.